Getting Started

WereSoCool is a programming language for composing microtonal music. You might find this language useful if you want to make cool sounds and impress your friends/pets/plants.

Try WereSoCool

You can download the WereSoCool Application which is a standalone editor. This is the coolest way to use WereSoCool and has some bells and even a few whistles. If you'd prefer to use your own editor, then you might enjoy the WereSoCool CLI. You can make some sounds in the browser with the WereSoCool Playground. WereSoCool is currently only single-threaded in the browser, so more complicated compositions will probably not render without clicks.

WereSoCool Application

How to install the application


Download the most recent version of the application for macOS here.


Download the most recent version of the application for Linux here.

WereSoCool CLI.

How to install the CLI


brew install weresocool

Arch Linux

pacman -S weresocool

WereSoCool does not currently run on Windows. The underlying technologies are cross-platform, so it's certainly possible. I just don't have a machine to test it on. If you'd like to help get it running on Windows, please reach out.